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Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween was DYNAMITE!!!

This year I had a REALLY hard time coming up with a costume. Since Halloween is my favorite of favorite holidays, I usually have an idea in my head all year and can't wait to get started. For some reason, this year I was drawing a big blank. That is until my awesome roommate, Katie, came bounding into my room at midnight a couple weeks ago exclaiming: "I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!"

Now, if you think I'M creative, multiply that by about 1,000. Katie's got creativity coming out of her hair folicles 24/7. One of the many reasons I'm so fond of her. :)

So this year for Halloween I had some extra help thinking up one DYNAMITE costume, totally hand-made!!!! It was "the bomb". :)

Here's how....
1 Red T-Shirt Frock and Red Tights from American Apparel
1 foot of thick white rope from Home Depot (for the "fuse")
1 round of black duct tape (for hat and wrap around stick-bands)
Hand painted TNT-ACME front to back--which took a week with drying time and stenciling
Card board cut round and covered in duct tape & attached with Elastic behind my head & under my hair (for the hat)--Fuse was inserted into the middle prior to taping.
Sexy red high heals (which I already owned) to top it off!

**MUCH thanks to Katie for helping with the hat and teaching me how to make stencils!!!!!!!!**


Sheena = One hot Flapper Girl

The world knows him as Bryan, I call him "Gumby". That's how we roll!

Roommates bustin' out the creativity: Sara = Partly Cloudly with a chance of rain

Tony = Edward Scissor Hands = My FAVORITE costume of the night!

And then there was JUNO! One of my best friends, Amy, came last minute to the party and threw this together in about an hour. She looks sooo much like the actress Ellen Page that it was just knocked up perfection. The Best Part? She won the Costume Contest for "Best All Around"!

Jeff = Richard Simmons Yes, I know, the resemblance is uncanny.

Work It! He was the runner up to Juno. I like to surround myself with winners. :)

Jeremy = Greaser, Juno, Dynamite, Craig = Craigslist (Haha!)

Having a "blast" with Kristin as Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golightly and Valeri as one of two Lumberjack Sluts.

Ohhhhh the fun we had.

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Kariann said...

Your costume was Dynamite!! How awesome!! There was some way funny costumes! Loved the ideas!! :)