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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Outclassing the Outclassers

While Taylor was visiting NY for her Birthday slash "help my best friend move-in before she has her 3rd baby" vacation she came into the city for an evening to hang with me and celebrate!

We went on a lovely Carriage Ride through Central Park, ambled along 5th Ave window gazing, and even popped in to FAO Schwartz briefly to oggle the gigantic stuffed animals at $800 each. In the center of all of this is The Plaza Hotel. Hotel of hotels in NY if not the world. Close to my heart mainly for it's involvement in Sex and the City. In all my years of being a New Yorker, I have never set foot inside. Until today.

Taylor had to use the bathroom, and also wanted a cup of tea, and thought The Plaza was the perfect place to do both. Taylor is one classy broad. She's always done up, carries herself with dignity, elegance, good manners, and an air of respect for herself that is also expected from others. She fits right in with The Plaza. I, on the other hand, am casually cute. Laid back, toned down, not a done up daily kind of gal. I have kids. Sort of. As much as I wish I had the desire to do my hair and make-up and wear trendy outfits daily, I just don't. I enjoying cleaning up nice on weekends and special occasions, but usually I'm just an every day jeans and T-shirt wearing woman. Today was one of those days. Faded jeans with a few purposeful tears, converse shoes, knit hat, sweater, and coat. Not exactly Plaza appropriate, I felt.

I meandered in with her none-the-less, gazing in aw at the flawless beauty around me. We were directed to the bathrooms by pristine attendants and I waited patiently outside, taking in the grandeur of the newly renovated floors. As I was looking at these beautiful floors something skittered across them rather quickly and instantaneously caught my attention. Cockroach. Oh, yes, C-O-C-K-R-O-A-C-H.

Did I scream? Run? Freeze in terror as it neared? No. Instead, I got out my camera, fended off other bathroom goers asking them not to step on it, and snapped a quick shot. Why? Because this is THE PLAZA!!! Cockroaches don't live in THE PLAZA!!!! Or do they? This is also New York Cityl And cockroaches live EVERYWHERE. For whatever reason, this particular one made my day. Because if a cockroach can roam The Plaza like he owns the place, my jean wearing backside and Converse accompanied soles certainly have no need to feel outclassed! :)

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Sugar MAgnolia Creations said...


You are very sweet to say those things about me. :) All of it true of course. *wink* lol

But dear it's not what we look like on the outside it's who we are on the inside...and mostly how we feel about that person on the inside.

I'm glad you went it a lesson learned. Sarah goes anywhere looking fabulous in her jeans and yes, Sarah you have a stlye that is rockin'. I love your stlye.

The I said's nYC no one can escape them...or US!

Mweah I love you with all my heart.