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Monday, December 8, 2008

Xander is 5 MONTHS!!!!!

5 things I love about Xander:

1. The way he lights up when Karley talks to him or walks into the room. The love he has for her is unreal and so uplifting to witness.

2. His laugh or baby chuckle

3. The big smile that spreads across his face when I walk into the room and say hi to him. Recognition spreads across his face as if he's thinking, "Hi Auntie Sarah! I loe you, too!"

4. The snuggles. He's not a super cuddly baby. He likes to be looking around and taking it all in. But lately he has been Mr. Snuggles every time I hold him and I LOVE IT!

5. Those darn cheeks get me every time! They continue to be my most favorite thing about him and will likely be for awhile.

Xander's First Christmas!

5 MONTHS!!!!!

Auntie Sarah's Little Angel

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