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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Week In Picutres

I've been behind. Sorry. Catch up weeks to come. Maybe.

I taught Jasper how to do flips on the play set in the back field.
He's really good at it and very proud of himself!
(Preparing to front flip)
(Preparing to back flip)
One day Hayden sat down alone and started building with blocks. When I asked him what he was making he replied,
"My cool (school)! That JaJa's class, that my class!"
Sure enough two small square blocks, each a different color, sat next to each other with a small space between them. Just like their classrooms at Camp. It was the first time Hayden actually built something real out of blocks instead of just towers to topple! :)
(Hayden pointing to his "classroom")
(Jasper pointing to his)
Then Jasper joined in and the building brothers had all kinds of fun.

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