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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lumps without a cause

Today is Yom Kippur (the holiest day for the Jews), so there's no school.  Instead, the boys and I had a play date at the Children's Museum with 3 of their friends.  It's about a 20 minute ride Uptown on the 1 Train which is plenty of time to discuss all kinds of things!

JASPER (looking from Hayden to himself to me, then pointing to my chest): What are those big lumps you have? 
ME: My boobs?Bold
JASPER: Yes. Boobs. What are boobs?
ME: Well, they're also called breasts and they're part of a woman's body. 
JASPER (pulling his shirt open and looking down): Where are mine?
ME: You don't have any, because you're a boy.
JASPER (contemplating): Weeeeellllll....when I'm a grown up will I have them?
ME: No. Only girls grow breasts.  Do you know why?
ME: So that when they have babies they can feed them. It's called breast-feeding.  
JASPER: Do you think I can breast-feed my kids?
ME: No. Sorry. That's something only women can do. But you can give them a bottle! And lots of babies like bottles!
JASPER: Yeah!!! OK!!!!

*****Two minutes later*****

JASPER: Sarah? Do you have any kids?
ME: No. Not yet!
ME: Well, first I need to find a husband.
JASPER: And then you'll have kids?
ME: Definitely!
JASPER: Weeeeellllll....where IS your husband?!
ME: I don't know, I'm looking! If you see someone good, let me know!
JASPER: I KNOW! I KNOW! You could marry the man who sweeps the leaves outside!!!

(NOTE: While the next door neighbor who sweeps the leaves off his stoop every day is adorable, he's also at least 80yrs old, weighs less than I do, and is permanently bent in almost a complete half from age.  And even if I was considering...he's already married. ;P At least Jasper's got my back though, right!)   ;)


Ms. White said...

you really will be the perfect mom. I love how humorous this post is!

Aubrey said...

Too bad that neighbor is married - he sounds hot.

Krista said...

That's freaking awesome! Love your stories Sarah.