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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Birthday's have always been a big deal to me. I love them. Birthday's involving special ages are even more exciting, but it really doesn't matter because ALL birthday's, in my opinion, are special and need to be celebrated! And boy do I.

This year was my last "mile-stone" year and really the only thing, regarding age, that ever really applied to me. Eighteen meant adulthood, lotto tickets, and cigarettes. I was an adult long before that living on my own and supporting myself, I didn't play the lottery, nor did I smoke.

Twenty One
meant drinking and gambling. I don't drink, but I did go to Vegas and I did gamble and I do LOVE Black Jack. But that was all for fun and celebration, it wasn't anything I felt held back by not getting to do until that age.

Then comes TWENTY FIVE. The age when rental car companies no longer charge you outrageous fees! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I rent cars more than anyone I know. This year alone I've rented about ten. In extra rental fees alone that's at least $700. Just for being under twenty five. Yes, it's painful. Now multiply that by 4 1/2 yrs.

So of course, to truly celebrate, I wanted to rent a car and go on a little road trip. Being that it was also Labor Day Weekend my friend Jeremy invited a bunch of us (45 to be exact) up to his cabin in East Wakefield, New Hampshire. BONUS: it's a 5hr drive from NYC. Road Trip!!!! Of course I had to pay those stupid fees all the way up until the day of my birthday, thanks DMV! Still, it was so worth it.

I drove with 3 of my closest friends, Amaya, Karine, and Heidi and filled the extra seat with Sara Borg on the way up and Scott on the way back (no not that Scott). Heidi DJ'd with some very vintage tunes and lots of laughs were had.

The weekend was perfection. I was on the lake all day Saturday kayaking, swimming, rope jumping, driving paddle boats, tubing, or just laying out on the surf board I was using as my make-shift kayak. AMAZING.

It's good to be TWENTY FIVE!!!!

Karine's First Time Tubing
We rocked it.

Then it was Amaya's turn....
I'll have you know I never once fell off....
Except for that one time when Amaya tried to re-adjust her position and leaned forward tipping us BOTH off! It was hard to breathe we were laughing so hard. That lake water sure does clear your sinuses!

I stuffed myself with BBQ'd goodness and all the snacks you could possibly desire while watching friends water skiing and wake boarding (we all chose one activity to do since there were 45 of us and all). One of the best parts was going over the the neighbors 50 yr old family built (from a kit!) cabin and watching the full moon glimmer off the gorgeous glass top lake. Sunrise was equally stunning.
When I wasn't on the lake, I was driving around exploring the adorable town of Wolfeboro, rummaging through Yard Sales and Treasure Shops (complete with original Walkman's AND old school floaties!), gawking at silk worm creations, and Victorian dream houses.
It was a Birthday Weekend to top all Birthday Weekends.

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