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Sunday, September 20, 2009

These rocks don't loose their shape

Better late than never! I'm behind on blogging so just bear with me.

I can't remember when, but awhile back I began a *D*Day Fund. As in Diamond-Day.

I have always wanted a piece of diamond jewelry that was all mine. With this desire may have been the attached vision of a glamorous wedding ring...maybe. ;) A long time ago I was gifted a beautiful diamond necklace that I love, but I never wear it because it also represents a time and a love that is no longer applicable. As I got older I began wanting something I could look down at and feel proud of. Something I could wear without any ties to anyone else. A simple, elegant piece that represented me and could build it's own history from there.

As the *D*Day savings grew I began to think about when and what I would spend it on....
About 1/2 way into this insanely challenging yet equally amazing year, I decided that I didn't need to wait for a diamond ring on my left hand when I could buy one myself for my right!

A week before my birthday I went into a jewelry store with my best friend, Karley, and out of the cases she had chosen her wedding rings, my right hand ring chose me. I knew it the moment I saw it. Tiny diamonds gleamed out of a unique blackened silver setting that was elegant and classic with a touch of Punk Rock. It was the essence of me. I spoke with the jeweler and, using that ring as inspiration, designed my own. The same metalic black setting that gave it edge, but with a crown setting that lifted the diamonds up enough that they couldn't avoid catching light off of a setting sun, even if they wanted to. My finger was sized (and dubbed comparable to an 8yr olds--they're tiny), and when the *D*Day B-Day dawned, a complete circle of 34 diamonds slid onto my right hand and stayed there. :)

(I wish pictures could do the sparkling justice, but think of Karley's chandelier on my finger and there ya go! ;P)


Jami said...

You should be a ring model. It's lovely. (I mentally added the sparkles.)

Karley said...

everytime i see it, i think how perfect it is for your delicate-ness punkedness. You totally deserve diamonds daily, and whats even better is that you bought it for YOU. And whenever you look at it you can think how freaking awesome YOU are. Thats what I do when I look at my first diamond ring i purchased for my awesomeness.