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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Going in Blind

Met a stranger at 96th St., a first
It helped that he was cute
Doubled the fun with Carolyn & Joey
They're cute too

Dylan's Candy Bar, a first
Three Levels of Sugar Coated Glory
I love candy
Pink Loppy Pop Promises
Hold it alllllll night
I hate pink
But not as much as I love Lolly Pops
There were blue consolation stripes
Selfish Customers: "She owes me a dime. It's not Christmas yet!"

Serendipity, a first
Worth the hour wait
Frozen Hot Chocolate, Spudniks, Strawberries & Cream, Humble Pie
Laughing and laughing and laughing
Lost Lolly Pop
Begged the manager, waiter, and bus boy to find it
"I saw it! I know your Lolly Pop!"
"That's what she said"
Began to wonder if I really did loose it...
Made a sufficient fool out of myself
Found Lolly Pop
Stolen by my date to prove a point
Laughing and Laughing and Laughing
I love pranks
Lesson on promises = learned
Still had a hard time holding the Lolly Pop alllllll night
But didn't let it out of my sight

Midnight Showing of The Goonies, a first
Not just for kids
Dancing in the back of the theater
I love dancing
The Pretzel
Memories of being thirteen
"He'll never be me. But I like him already."
Popcorn Wars
Australian Black Licorice
2am train rides
Milk Duds for the Homeless
I wonder...

The Best First Date
What a pleasant surprise
I love surprises.

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