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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clinton St. Girl

There's nothing like discovering a small local band on the brink. There's just some sort of wonderful satisfaction knowing that they've got "it" and will be "it" but that you knew and loved them first, without the "it". There's also nothing like having one of your favorite bands combine with one of your favorite TV shows. Like sprinkles on ice cream. Then there's the cherry on top: living in that "small" local place called New York City and getting to be a part of that band's shows and CD release parties and participating first hand in good tunes and talent. Especially when you need that pick me up the most. When you need those words and chords to seep into your bones and pull you back to the surface where you can catch your breath and know it's going to be OK. Nope, nothing quite like it.

Tonight Wakey!Wakey! premiered the acoustic version of my current favorite song "Brooklyn"--so corny and so far away!--in anticipation of the single's release next week. It was blissful.

Here is Mike Grubbs playing it on his own (recorded version is with the full band). Lyrics: HERE

They have a new CD coming soon called A side, B side (I think) and the song Clinton St. Girl hits close to home for me. She's got the world on her shoulders. She's got a light in her eyes. She either laughs or she cries. She's harmful and hateful and foolish. I'll love her the rest of my life.
I lived on Clinton St. for a year, in the Lower East Side, and that is where my heart has lived ever since. I know that girl, within myself, and I've also known my fair share of Ludlow St. boys. When I heard the song, I admit, I sighed aloud.

Can't wait for the new album!!!!!!!!! Hearing a sampling of the songs tonight gave me goosebumps!

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