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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I like the way you look!

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool
When days are hot! And days are cold!
In a swimming pool!

Breast stroke, Side stroke,
Fancy diving too!
Oh dontcha wish you never had
Anything else to do
But.... (repeat over and over)

This is a song I learned at camp when I was 12 that Jasper and Hayden now love and we sing often.
Today, in the swimming pool, Jasper said the sweetest thing he's ever said to me (aside from "I love you").

JASPER (very enthusiastically): Sawah!? I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!
ME: Aw, thanks Jasper, I like you, too!
JASPER (continuing in enthusiasm): I like the way you look!!!!

While the blatant honesty of children is often intimidating and can sometimes be offensive, though it isn't meant to be, today it was purely fantastic. :)
(He might have gotten anything he wanted that day. ;P)

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