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Monday, June 23, 2008

"I use my oven for storage." --SATC

It's my first week of summer in the Hamptons for work. I love it. I'll be here Monday-Friday and am very comfortably set up. I have my own "Nanny Quarters", seperate from the house, complete with master bedroom, bathroom, and fully loaded mini-kitchen. I'm also right next to the "Big Room" (which should be called the HUGE room because it's ginormous) which hosts the movie screen. Can't complain. As I was getting settled in, Josh, father of "my" kids, came to make sure I was finding everything ok and the following conversation ensued:

JOSH: Hey, sorry the kitchen stove hasn't gone in yet, it should be going in this week.
ME: What do mean? There's a stove right there.
JOSH (chuckling): You mean...the oven?
**Both of us cracking up**
ME: Clearly the lack of a stove will not be a problem for me.

This got me thinking that I may need to look into being more domestic. Thus, I decided to make pizza (from scratch--including the dough) with my 4yr old, Jasper. It was a shockingly huge success (Josh was very impressed) which created a desire within me to test out a new Rice Krispie Treats recipe I just picked up from my friend, Aubrey.

I made my way into the kitchen for the 2nd time in 3hrs (that right there should raise the eyebrows of those who know me) and of course Josh was in there as well and I managed to embarrass myself even further...

ME--Small talking with Josh and looking in all the drawers searching for a specific utensil and not finding it.
JOSH: "What are you looking for?"
ME--Pausing to think, then starting to laugh--"I don't know! It's a stick with a flat thing on top but I don't know what it's called!"
**Both of us laughing, him considerably harder**
ME: No wait! It's a.....a.....SPATULA!!!!!
JOSH: MmmHmmm. Right behind you.

Spatula in hand I proceeded to make some BOMB R.K. Treats within 10 minutes and ate every last one myself! Yummy.

So, let it be known, I may not know all the correct kitchen terms like "stove" and "spatula" but I DO know how to use them! :)

Jasper and his pizza creation (dough from scratch, herbs fresh from the garden, so proud!)

Be impressed.

A whole bowl of Krispie goodness for me to consume while watching "America's Got Talent"--amazing.

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Good for people to know.