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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cupcakes vs. Men

I have the BEST roommate on the planet. Two of the best actually, but the best new roommate a girl could wish for.
I'm just realizing I haven't properly introduced her so.....

Meet SARA!!!!!

Yep, ANOTHER one. One Sarah moves out and another moves in (lacking an H but we'll let it slide....). It wasn't on purpose, it just worked out that way, and boy am I glad it did! She rocks.

I seem to have a knack for finding Sara(h)'s wherever I go. H or no H we bond before we even learn each other's names and then by the time we are properly introduced it's too late and we've become friends. Dang it! ;P

Sara and I bonded instantly (we hadn't met prior to her moving in, just spoke on the phone once and facebooked a little). She's smart, funny, beautiful, thoughtful, caring; a real gem. She's from Redlands, CA, the oldest of 5 kids, and has a great attitude and approach to life. At 25 she's earned her Bachelor's and Masters in Business and runs a consulting company in CA as well as holding down a F/T job here in NYC as a Project Manager for Time Warner. She's always dreamed of moving here once school was done and now that it is she's realizing that dream and loving it. And we LOVE her! (A link to her blog is in my sidebar--"Go East, Young Woman" if you want to know more about her adventures.)

So the adventures of "H and no H" began right away and as you can see from previous postings we have a splendid time together. She has quickly become one of my main NYC squeezes and I'm so thankful for her friendship.

The other night Sara & I got to chatting about men and relationships (as girls so often do) and the differences in compatibility. Sometimes you just can't put your finger on why you don't feel compatible with someone who really is a great catch. There's nothing wrong with them and they've got everything you're looking for but you just don't "feel it". Sara drew the most amazing analogy that I now use as a personal motto.

Cupcakes VS. Men
"We're like cupcakes. We all have different flavors. I happen to be Red Velvet with a little bit of cream cheese. You're Fun-fetti. He's Yellow Cake. Which is good, there's nothing wrong with it, but he doesn't have sprinkles. And you need sprinkles!"

Imagine if all of life's questions could be answered with the eating of or an analogy using cake. ;P

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