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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Would you like a Granola Bar??!! (For Amy)

I have some of the most amazing girl friends I've ever had in my life and I thank God for them on a daily basis.

Once a week I meet up with 3 of those amazing girls (Amy, Lyndsee, & Allison) for "Girls Night" where we hash out the latest boy, work, friend, or family dramas constantly occuring in our lives. Yes, I know, how very "Sex and the City" of us.

(Lyndsee's 28th Birthday Girls Night celebration)

This week we had plans to meet up at Cafe Mozart for dessert, but upon arriving we were shocked to find that it had been closed--as in shut down. Bummed but not deterred we decided to grab Pinkberry and walk to Riverside Drive to chat and chow with a view of the water.

About an hour prior Amy had gone to church to fill her soul and ended up leaving with some tummy fillers as well--2 huge boxes of Granola Bars. Every 4 months her church offers boxes to the members to pass out to people they meet along with a postcard telling about their church.

Amy, sweet girl that she is, couldn't refuse for 2 reasons:
1. She's a good Christian girl who wants to spread the love of God
2. Last time she took a box she didn't pass any out but ate the whole thing herself. :) (Totally something I would do!)

However she also underestimated 2 things:
1. We live in New York City, where strangers passing things out to strangers is an annoyance if you're a local and creepy if you're a tourist.
2. Each box contains about 40 bars, and that can get heavy, especially when they're in your purse!

So as we walk along Amy is offering up Granola bars to ANYONE she passes.
It started as a nice offer of "Would you like a Granola bar?"
Quickly escalated to, "Would you like a Granola Bar? There's no catch, they're from my church."
And finally resulted in deep pleading, "Granola Bar!? It's free! No Catch! From Church! FREE!!!!"
She even tried appealing to kids but parents would shake their heads no and nudge the kids along leaving them (and Amy) with bleakness in their eyes.
The worst part was when she got turned down by homeless people & a bum--you're homeless, that warrants the need for a Granola Bar!!!!

By the end of the night Amy was beyond fed-up.

I think I too refused a Granola Bar.....oops. LOVE YOU AMES!!!! :)

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award35 said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I just about PEED my pants reading this. I am eternally grateful that you've documented this night of excitement. Seriously, I am about to throw up the home-made chili that I made tonight because I am laughing so hard. Gosh, we really are amazing. (P.S. Sad Ali missed this!!)