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Friday, July 4, 2008

My 4th Fourth

"Life without freedom is like body without spirit."
Kahlil Kabron said that and, for me, it captures exactly how I feel about my freedom. I'm soooooo thankful for it and for the men and women who served and are serving to protect it.

This year was my 4th Fourth of July as a New Yorker.

My first was spent in CT with the Soodaks when I was nanny to their 4 kids. The next two were spent in NYC watching the fireworks with my amazing cousin, Amaya, at various locations with other friends. This year was spent with new friends and neighbors I met post 3 month Mexican hiatus when I returned to NYC in January. We had a BBQ/picnic indoors (it rained so we didn't do it on the roof as planned) and then headed to the FDR (highway that is shut down for firework watchers) where we stood directly in front of the Macy's barges. It was beautiful, peaceful, and the rain definitely didn't dampen our spirits of freedom and celebration!

I've never done the same thing twice, and I've always had a "blast"! Happy Birthday America, God Bless!!!!

(For full album click here.)

Addy (age 2) getting ready to test out Amy's delicious 4th of July "Flag Cake"

Addy's parents, and my longtime friends, Aubrey and Cole (that basketball in Aub's lap is soon to be baby girl #2)

Sara & I trying to convince Addy to smile...clearly it went well.

Fireworks Friends: Amy, Kelsey, Me, Tyler, Sara

The girls

Phone Addicts CAUGHT! I love this candid photo Jason so slyly captured..."I don't have service! Do you have service?!"

Me & "My-Ty" (Tyler) gettin' our celebration on.

Happy Fourth of July 2008!!!!

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