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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Penguin Perfection

I'm OBSESSED with penguins. I love them. To say they're my favorite animal doesn't even do justice to how much I love them.

Since I was a teenager I've always wanted my own penguin and have even gone as far as to investigate large freezers and the process of installing a "doggy door" in it so the penguin could come and go as it pleased.

I have penguin socks, penguin figurines, penguin Christmas Ornaments, and I was gifted a penguin for Christmas one year by an amazing boyfriend (sponsored/adopted in my name for a year with monthly email updates and pictures--it was beyond awesome).


So, this week I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a quick work trip to visit Jasper & Hayden's 99yr old Great Grandma (who is still fully functional and doesn't act anywhere near her 99yrs. She's ADORABLE!) It's my first time in FL. and we're all having a really fun time.

Today we went to visit Parrot Jungle where most of the animals can roam free and are very people-friendly. From Kangaroos, to Parrots, to Flamingos. There are animals everywhere that you never thought you'd get to have a little one on one with.

First we chatted with some of the parrots, and then continued on to a wildlife show where we saw rare and exotic tigers, monkeys, and even a skunk named "Flower"! Jasper is a very sensitive little boy and doesn't really like "shows"--TV, Puppet, Plays, he gets scared easily. So for him to want to attend this animal show, and not get scared at all, was major. Let alone for him to want pictures with the animals afterwards! It was great and he really enjoyed it!!!

Jasper and a pretty Parrot

Side to Side

One BIG Urangutang

Up close and personal (Look at Jasper's hand up over his mouth in shock/awe! So cute.)

The heat was getting to us all and we were trying to find the Hippo Water Slide when we passed the African Penguin area. It hadn't occured to any of us that there would be penguins, not to mention ones that thrive in heat!! African Penguins are from (duh) Africa and don't need cold climates. If they get hot the go for a little dip in their pond, but otherwise they don't need cold. Pretty much my kind of penguin!!!

I couldn't help but squeal in delight when I spotted about 5 adorable little penguins waddling about behind a low fence. I got out my camera, took some picutres, wished for the millionth time I could take one home, and then turned around to leave only to discover the CUTEST little penguin out of the caged area and standing directly behind me. I literally started jumping up and down like a 4 year old. Keep in mind I was with a 4 yr old who wasn't nearly as excited, but did think it was pretty cool that his nanny was so ecstatic. My bosses (the parents) thought it was pretty funny as well and proceeded to bust out the video camera.

I bent down to get some pictures and "Lilo" (that was her name) came running over to me fascinated by my camera and the wrist holder dangling off of it. She hung around, let me pet her and talk to her, and we even got some pictures AND a video!!!!

...and Sarah :)

I lived the Penguin dream today.

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SunnyNYC said...

Sarah! That was the cutest story ever. I'm SO glad you got to live the penguin dream. If at all possible, I will one day obtain for you an African Penguin for you to keep as a pet.

Missed you this week! Glad you're back!

-No H