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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today I turned "The Sexiest Age of [My] Life" according to one of my best friends, Karley....TWENTY FOUR!

24 years ago in Nantes, France I slid into the world right on time; my due date September 7th. A very unexpected Little Lemble´, since my father had leukemia and was declared sterile after all completing and surviving chemo. Surprise!!!!!

I feel VERY lucky and blessed to be here on this Earth.
I am healthy, happy, and lead an amazing life filled with amazing people. My cup runeth over. There are not enough words or expressions to convey my gratitude for all that I have, all I have accomplished, and all who have been a part of the journey. Thanks to each of you, and thanks to God!

2 parties and 30 fantastic friends later, I am delighted to say:
Hello 24, bring on the Sexy!!!! :)

(Full Birthday Album: click HERE)

1 comment:

Aubrey said...

The tights! It's not a party until Sarah shows up in those tights!