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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AUGUST 2008: "Are the one's without heads fake, too?!" --Jasper

Brotherly time spent reading in the red chair

JASPER (4): Has become Mr. Social! His parents accredit this in part to me & say I'm rubbing off on him, which is probably true. His desire to open up and get to know people has burst open and he never hesitates to introduce himself or ask if "his nanny" can get a phone number for a future play date. He's very eager to make new friends and join in other's games. Sometimes he is welcomed just as warmly and sometimes he is told "No, I don't want to play with you" which is typical for kids at this age. However, it doesn't smother his little spirit at all and he just moves on to the next fun game or child he sees. I'm glad he's so resilient, it's such an important life skill to develop. Camp ended and although he really enjoyed all the activities, he was ready to say goodbye when the time came. He has been in a coloring, sticker book, library book, puzzle frenzy lately and continues to get stronger and stronger in swimming. With Hayden walking Jasper has had a hard time adjusting to the shift in attention that sometimes creates and he's had to really work on being gentle and earning points/stars/rewards for controling himself. There were some very hard days (for both of us!) but he's doing a good job and improving. The family came back into the city after Labor Day and Jasper started Pre-K (or "The 4's") at his school City & Country. His teacher's are very nice and most of the kids from his class last year are in his class this year which made the transition all the more easy and exciting. Jasper continues to learn and grow daily, soaking up any & all new information he can about the world around him. This month we learned about Manequins ("Are the ones without heads fake, too?") and The Statue of Liberty ("Why is she holding fire?")! My favorite thing we did together this month was watch Peter Pan. One of my favorites. Jasper doesn't watch movies much because he gets anxious/scared easily but I always sing him "Following the Leader" from Peter Pan and he wanted to see the scene with the song. After that he was hooked and over the course of 5 days we watched the whole movie in 10 minute incriments off You Tube. It was lots of fun and he loved it! :) xJasper's personal responsibilities are increasing, which he takes great pride in, and slowly turning into habit. He continues to be very sweet and generous, and loves to do nice things for others like make "goodie bags" for playdate friends, share food, and make pictures.

"I have to wear my hat like this because that's how the other people are wearing them."
"What people?"
"The people on the bus."

Watch and Learn!

Trying to put it on backwards but not quite mastering the "only on your head" part

HAYDEN (16 months): Keeps us BUSY!!!!!! He's all over the place and has fully embraced his newfound skill of walking. Now he is running and climbing and attempting stairs. He's quite the character and very particular/stuborn. He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and will not give up until he has conveyed his message to you. He isn't talking yet, thought he does continue to increase his vocabulary of simple words--"Up", "Uh-Uh (No)", "Uh-Oh", "Water" are the newest additions. He's also good with names/associations now for the whole family/staff--Mama, DaDa, Jah-Jah (Jasper), Ra-Ra (Me), Appah (April), DuhDuh (Danny--and yes it does sound different than Dada when he says it). He has a hard time with pronunciation and attaching the end of a word, but communicates very well with gestures, pointing, and whole-hearted attempts at vocalizing. His current favorites are bubbles, books, and slides. Now that he's walking his interest in the sandbox dissipated when he has realized there's a whole park outside of it! We read and read and read. The first thing he says when I walk into his room after nap is "Book!" Back in the city he has baby classes he goes to and he really enjoys music and movement. He made a new friend in the Hamptons, Kiera, who lives nearby in the city as well. Her nanny, parents, and brother are all very sweet and she and Hayden love playing with each other. Kiera is his age and her brother Stephen is Jasper's so it worked out nicely when we made the transition back to NYC and they still got to play together. He's such a lovey, always laughing, hugging, blowing kisses, and giving snuggles.
Getting into position....

And there he goes!

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