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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Way back in 1985

My cousin is going through family albums at her Grandma's house (our Grandmother's are sisters) and came across some pictures of ME when I was little. Yes, pictures of me in HER family albums. Cause I was just that cute as a toddler. ;)

It pays to be the first Grandchild (she & I both are). Not only are there THOUSANDS of pictures of your every move, but they're scattered across the entire family. Duplicates upon duplicates are sent out so that everyone can partake in the cuteness, "ooh-and-ahhh", and feel included until they have their very own baby or Grand-Baby to "coo" over and duplicate pictures of.

Here are a couple of the one's she came across.....

Please take note that I am IN the KITCHEN. You may never see this again. ;P

4 Generations: Papa (Grandma's Dad), My Grandma (Mom's Mom), My Mom, and Me!

"Buttons". A daily visit with Grandma. I was lucky enough to have her as my neighbor!