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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When all else fails, Date Yourself!

In a busy city, with a busy life, I rarely get a moment to myself, let alone a whole night. A couple years ago I decided to make it a priority to have at least one night a week reserved for just me. A night to catch up on chores, writing, reading, TV, sleep, bills, phone calls, whatever!

Once I discovered how well this worked out, I decided that at least once a month I should also go out on a Hot Date. With Myself! I am firm believer in "Self-Dates". I go ALL out. I open doors for myself, let myself order first, let myself choose the movie, show, or activity, AND I pick up the ENTIRE tab at the end of the night!

This week's outing: McDonald's for dinner (the Kids Meal is my personal favorite) followed by a concert featuring Missy Higgins and Ben Folds at Terminal 5. It ROCKED, and my date even agreed to go out with me again! ;)

Missy Higgins "Blind Winter"

Ben Folds playing "Free Coffee", I think, after placing Altoids boxes inside the piano to alter the sound. Awesome.

"Frown Song"

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