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Monday, October 13, 2008

And then there were two!

Once upon 24 years ago, in the town of Nantes, France, a beautiful baby girl was born to very surprised parents. They called her a miracle baby and, as the story goes, it does seem appropriate, though all children are miracles.

Her father, the second of four children, had leukemia and not only was his life expectancy not too expectant, but his pro-creation capabilities were quickly put out of mind when pronounced sterile as a side effect of chemo. Shortly after, her mother was turned away by chuckling Doctors and firm "No's" when she went in with suspicions of pregnancy. Of course just a few more weeks later and it was she who was saying, "I told you so!" as her belly grew and an ultra-sound could not deny the truth. Their baby girl was born on her due date, and looked more like a Sarah than an Emily. A Sarah Ann Lemble´to be specific. :)

For one reason or another, although I had 2 Aunts and an Uncle, I remained the only Lemble´Grandchild for the next 24 yrs. (On my Mom's side I have lots of relations to share attention with). I was doted upon, loved beyond measure, and always left to wonder if any other little Lemble´'s would ever join me in portraits or family dinners.

Then, my Uncle Philippe married a wonderful woman, Rachel, in 2007 and the whole Lemble´family launched into "When will you have children??!!" mode. Because that's not annoying or imposing in any way whatsoever. ;P Well, the day has arrived and another little miracle baby has joined our Fantastic French Family!!! I'm no longer flying solo (even if I am old enough to be his mother); I have a cousin!!!! :)

Naturally I had to fly to Montreal ASAP to get my hands on him. If you want me to come around more often, all you need to do is have a baby! Then getting rid of me is the challenge!

Welcome William Antoine Thomas Lemble´!!!!!

October 3, 2008 ~ 8lbs, 7oz ~ 21 1/4inches ~ Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Very, Very, Very Thrilled and Proud: Mami and Papi


All the Grandkids

WELL worth the wait! (9 days old)

I had a WONDERFUL visit to my 2nd hometown of Brossard, on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec. Five luxurious days of sleeping in, catching up on movies, tuning out the world of phone calls and emails, and tuning in to the world of family and dear friends. It was perfect.

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Kariann said...

Not only do you have a cousin have an adorable little cousin!!:)He is really really cute!