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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Week in Pictures

Saving Lives:
Jasper and I barely missed crushing this bird shuttering on the sidewalk outside a school. We were on our way home from the library and figured it probably flew into one of the glass windows. We picked it up and held it for about 5 minutes while it regained composure and tried to flap it's wings (one wing was bent out of shape quite obviously). After about 5 minutes, some kind strokes and comforting words from Jasper it perked up and flew away! Jasper was so proud, exclaiming "I saved his life!". And he really did!

Illegal? Not familiar with that word. I AM familiar with Autumn, Hiking, and Adventure though! :)

It's not everyday you get to hear ELEVEN purposefully UN-TALENTED musicians at a fantastic bar/lounge on the Lower East Side. Highest of the high expectations as saxophones, trumpets, back-up singers, girl drummer, and guitarists crammed onto the dinky little stage were blasted to smitherines as the first note escaped their poorly off key instruments/voices. Luckily we were there to see Robbie Gil who played an amazing as always show before these goofs got on. They couldn't even lip sinc properly. It was entertaining for about 3 songs and then it was just plain ridiculous. They were appropriately named "Balls". I'm assuming because it takes a lot of them to get up on stage without anything of worth or substance to share.... This is the one time in my life I actually wished to consume alcohol for the purpose of "brining out the fun".

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Kariann said...

I love the story of saving the bird! Totally something my mom would do!! :)