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Thursday, September 3, 2009

He knows me so well

At the beach today my friend Heidi and I were excitedly talking about the incredibly fun weekend we have planned. Not only is it a three day holiday weekend, but it's also my birthday weekend! WooHoo!

HEIDI: Oh my GOSH! This weekend is going to be so funnnn!!!! Girl, it's your BIRTHDAY! We need to have CAKE! Oooohhhh, I'm making you a cake. I'm bringing all the stuff. What's your favorite kind?
ME: Mouth full, chewing lunch.
JASPER (eating lunch next to me and seeing my mouth was full): I know!!!
ME: Nodding my head to tell her.
JASPER (very confidently): It's rainbow.

Yep. Fun-fetti (aka rainbow) all the way. With sprinkles.
He seriously knows me better than 90% of my friends.
Love that kid.

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