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Saturday, November 21, 2009

New England

Once upon a time there were three incredible women Nanny-ing in New York City. The Universe conspired to bring them together and many good times have resulted.

One day in 2008, I took Hayden to Washington Square Park. There, I met Karine who had brought her charge, Pearce, to play. Both boys were the same age and became best friends while rocking back and forth on teeter totter animals. Karine and I clicked right away too, discovered a french connection (Karine grew up in the same town as my Dad), and became close friends.
A year passed and I spent summer in the Hamptons again for work. I got to know one of the Mom's whose son was in Hayden's camp group, and she really wanted me to meet her Nanny, Heidi. One day Heidi came to pick-up instead of the Mom and we picnic'd together while, again, the younger boys played. Ironically, Heidi and I learned that we go to the same church and know a lot of the same people. Yet it took the Hamptons to bring us together, and another fantastic friendship was formed.
The three of us became a fun-loving unit somewhere between play dates at the beach with the kids and movie nights of girlie gossip with each other. Summer ended but our bond didn't. After our first trip together to New Hampshire for my Birthday, we decided another one was needed soon!

In the midst of planning, Heidi, actress and singer extraordinaire, landed the lead role in the Tokyo Disney show Diamond Horseshoe!!!! We are so excited for her, but saddened because that means she'll be moving to Tokyo for nine months after Christmas. :(

A Road Trip was needed now more than ever! Heidi chose New England and the places she wanted to go. The weekend became our farewell trip, our last girls trip, and our never-ending laughs trip.

We covered six cities, across three states, in two days.
It was a lot of driving.....

A lot of laughing....

A lot of beauty.
A lot of fun!
The hidden treasure: Wickfield Village, RI.
Providence, RI.
The favorite: Newport, RI.
Mansions, Beaches, Elephant Ears, Fudge, Friendship
Portsmouth, RI. (we remembered to shop and forgot to take pictures)
Portland, ME. (again, great shopping)
And Boston, MA...which was a quick, pictureless, drive-thru but we made it!

Bestie weekend was wonderful! I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!
And I LOVED driving through New England with them in celebration of each others dreams, successes, and mutual love for Fall.

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