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Monday, March 8, 2010


The boy works for a big snazzy accounting firm (one of "the big four" to be precise--as in one of the top four in the world!) and they are holding an Oscar Winner competition. The boy doesn't watch many movies (we're working on it). This girl, however, watches all of them! Especially the nominated ones. Friday we exchanged emails that went something like this...

Boy's Email to Me: I need your help. Since you are an avid movie go-er, let me know what your picks are for the following: Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Film. If I get them all right, I will win some cool prizes! (Like a 40" LCD, a Wii, or a $50 gift certificate)

My Reply / Picks:
Best Supp: Christoph Waltz/Inglorious Bastards
( I didn't see Inglorious Bastards but I heard about his performance so he's my pick) **WINNER!!!!**

Best Supp Actress: Mo'nique/Precious (UNREAL performance.) **WINNER!!!!**

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges/Crazy Heart (I only saw Up In the Air and Hurt Locker out of all the nominated films, but I've heard great things about Crazy Heart. From what I've heard about Crazy Heart w/Jeff Bridges he was amazing. Jeremy Renner's perfomance was definitely top notch, but I'd go with Bridges.) **WINNER!!!**

Best Actress: Gabourey Sidibe/Precious (is MY pick because I loved her performance and really want to see her win), but Sandra Bullock is who YOU should pick cause she's gonna win. **He took my advice & chose Sandra Bullock and she was the WINNER!!!**

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow/Hurt Locker **WINNER!!!**

Best Film: Avatar OR Hurt Locker OR Inglorious Bastards (Those are my top three. In that order. I can't decide. It's up to you...)
**Avatar lost. I'm happy for Hurt Locker. Though I really didn't see that coming cause usually the big box office hits sweep even if they don't deserve it. It's good that Avatar lost though, (putting me at five out of six winning predictions!) cause my head would've swollen up too big had it won. I need humble reminders. Cause man I'm kind of AMAZING!!!!!! ;)**

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