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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oggling in my spare time

Now that school's out for summer I've had time to mindlessly read design and fashion blogs, catch up on TV shows, grab dinner or drinks with friends, take a four day vacation to the North Carolina Coast, drive up to Montreal for a weekend, and even do a little window shopping!

Here are some finds I have fallen in love with or put on my wish list:

1) Limelight Marketplace "...three floors of food artisans, coffee shops, clothing stores, roving magicians and opera singers in the old Church of the Holy Communion, most recently known as the mighty club Limelight..." Holy GORGEOUS! The redesigned interior makes this mini-mall a fancy feast for the eyes, wallet, and, once you make your way to back of the ground floor, the tummy, too! Breads, wines, cheeses, gelato, cakes, and cookies! I could sit in here for hours with my favorite book and be quite content to "worship".

2) Carter & Cavero An old world vinigrette and olive oil company. OH. MY. TASTE BUDS! My very, very best discovery inside Limelight. Taste testing oil / vinegar? Whoulda thunk? It's absolutely delectable! I highly recommend it. The hand painted bottles will also make lovely vases for all those beautiful flowers my boyfriend spoils me with! Perfect.

3) Red i Jewelry's signature lariats by Susan Scarapotti (based in Ohio) are so beautiful! I like them all. These two in particular:
But my favorite piece of hers, is the "Elebud". My adorable friend Courtney received this piece as a gift and, to my disappointment, it may be the *only* one! Each necklace is one of a kind. I'm holding out some hope that's not the case since the Elebud is still up on the webiste, but even so at least I get to see it all the time snazzing up Courtney's already great style.

4) With summer's return and my love for adventures in the great outdoors I've decided it's high time I have a picnic basket! I'm on the hunt for something wildly wicker to pack away french bread, cheese, salami, and an aged bottle of Martinelli's! I mean come on, couldn't you just see me singing "The Hills are Alive" and running across Central Park with one of these?!

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