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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Duck Beach, NC.

For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Duck Beach, North Carolina with a HUGE group of single LDS friends. Huge as in around 400 people from CA, DC, NYC, TX, WA, and UT to name a few. It was both of our first time joining in on the annual fun that someone started up years ago and has since grown into a meat-market Mo-Mo phenomenon. It's fairly notorious for it's hook-up scenes, which for Mormon's pretty much means a whopping french kiss--GASP!--but hey, action is action people! Fortunately for me, I didn't have to worry about the scenes or the hook-ups cause I went seen and hooked already. A few others also had boy / girlfriends too so we didn't stick out and, much to my bragging rights, the three lovely ladies I bunked with told me they really enjoyed spending time with Tom and me and thought we were the funnest couple to be around. Boo-Yah!

Filling the houses with food is an intense undertaking and the gals who orchestrate it all by planning out the meals and the snacks and the drinks and the preparation seriously amaze me. Thank goodness for cars and Costco! The suburbs are onto something...

Tom and I pitched in with my friend Courtnie's shopping to-do. 6 people and 4 packed shopping carts later meant her house of 25 tummies could eat for the next 5 days. Note the churro in my hand. That baby cost me a whopping fifty cents! Part of an entire $4 dollar meal.
The weekend superseded my judgments and expectations and we had a blast exploring surfing (Tom), tanning (Me), swimming, hot tubing, getting the car stuck in the sand (twice), sleeping in hammocks, making new friends, eating as much junk food as we could possibly desire, listening to stand up comedy and other performances, and living it up in the beautiful McMansions everyone had rented out.

Someone needs to start a married McMansion for future Memorial Day weekends, cause if / when I ever join that band wagon I refuse to be ostracized from these good times.

Tom and I have this bad habit of going on trips and not taking pictures. Or going on any adventure and not taking pictures. We've made up our minds to do better. Myself especially since that's so out of character for me and I need to pull it together! For the record, we did take ONE picture together on this trip. But it was a Polaroid and I put it on my mirror.

This is my favorite photo from the weekend. After a mond0-bash at one of our houses we all woke up to these little treasures at the bottom of the pool. Apparently someone had a midnight snack down there and instead of clearing their place, set it for the next guest.

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