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Friday, February 4, 2011

Shadow or No Shadow?

For Groundhog Day we did something super original, we watched Groundhog Day! Tom texted me in the afternoon asking if we could watch it together, and since I'd never seen it I thought it was a great idea. Especially since I love me some celebrations! I actually didn't even know it was Groundhog Day, nor did I watch any shadow revealing. Did you? If it was good news, pass it this way. I personally think the atmosphere in these parts has made it clear we're in for lots more winter, and at this point any groundhog affirming that would probably have high chances of being road kill in my book. Or stolen and driven off a cliff. I couldn't blame Phil (Bill Murray) for that one.

The movie was really cute. I had forgotten how funny Bill Murray is which is sad because he is one of the greats. Andie MacDowell, who plays Rita, is all kinds of adorable. Her poofy hair could win anyone over.

Mid-movie Phil and Rita have a conversation about what she's looking for in a man. For the past two days this scene has been on repeat in my mind. Her qualifications and his attitude / sarcasm / wit play out much as I would imagine a conversation on this topic would go between Tom and I.

It goes something like this:

That's what I'm looking for (with a few added bonuses). How about you?

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