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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A few thoughts and updates

I started this post on 11/18/2011. That's how busy / lazy / consumed I have been. So before I ring in the New Year with a new(er) post, I feel it only fitting to at least finish what I started in the "old" year....

I haven't blogged in oh so long. I just don't feel like it. I'm so busy that when I do have a moment, I want to:
A) Veg out in front of the TV
B) Sleep all day in my welcoming and cozy bed
C) Clean and catch up on all the things I purposefully ignore and put off when doing A and B!

Updates should include...

Tom and I celebrated 2yrs of dating on November 13th! Tom made an amazing Korean dinner for us that I really enjoyed. One of the things Tom would love to change my mind about is my less than enthusiastic approach to Korean food. It's special to him, since he spent two years living in Korea, and he wishes he could share more of the culinary delights with me. I may not be a huge fan in general, but the dish he made was YUM! 

Then we dropped by Serendipity for dessert to rekindle memories of our super awesome (and unintentionally romantic) first date. Sitting there with 2yrs of history (and growing) felt really special. 
This year had a few more challenges than last year, so it felt really good to celebrate another 365 days together. I'm proud of us! We had some harder parts compared to our first year of non-stop adventures and fun, and we definitely went through that "getting to know you under all that fabulous-ness" on both our parts. Sometimes it ain't pretty! I'm thankful to have such a committed partner to sit next during the ups and downs and twists and turns of the relationship ride.

I hope the ride continues so that maybe we'll end up needing these:
Hello awesome!

For Halloween we channeled our potential Mr and Mrs with costumes I have always wanted to be!
 That's right. We rocked our stylish inner-potato heads in an outer way. So. Much. FUN! 

Last but not least... Work has been all-consuming and I have sort of begun to lose sight of myself and my passion for what I do. Plus there's school (except I do continue to enjoy that quite a bit and have been enthralled in my course this semester and SO THANKFUL I'm only taking one and it's one that I can really enjoy and want to be at after a long day of work). Things have just been rough lately and I'm not really sure what to do about it... But I wanted to shed a little light on why I haven't been blogging (or reading blogs), socializing, or being much of myself lately. Changes must be made, I know. Until then, thanks for hanging around while I figure it out and sending messages, texts, notes, etc. to make sure I don't slack off completely at keeping in touch! Be back to myself soon I hope! XOXO


Tracy said...

I hope you get to use those luggage tags too! :)

And I hope the new job treats you better, I can't imagine you without that inner sparkle you always have.

Hang in there!

Rae said...

Hurray for a post! I miss you lady. When your life slows down can we pleeeease get together and catch up?
Hurray for you and Tom! I love you two together. :)

Carolyn said...

I was THERE! On that first date!! Woot!! I'm so happy you guys have stuck it out together. Are all of these wedding hints legit? Send me an invite when that day comes. And a thank you card. Ha. I'll always be so proud that I suggested dear Tom.