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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Skitter, scatter, crunch of gravel.
Tree lined drives, fur lined behind.
Hip, Hop, left turn curve.
Moments pass with every swerve.

Peace in graveyards, innocent lives.
Evil deeds, we’ll never know why.
Pink wisps tinted yellow, steps to clarity.
Innumerable wishes lead to shore, looking for sweet charity.

One way leads to nowhere, destination unknown.
Empty houses, ghosts of dreams.
Size doesn’t matter, overcompensating rich boy.
Picture perfect, hides the joy.

Right turn, fields in shadow.
Cottontail jitters, sunset silence.
Beauty blunders, where’s the doorway?
Perfection falters, end the day.

S.L. 6/25/08
All Rights Reserved

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