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Friday, June 13, 2008

Got Life Insurance?

If you know me even a little you know that I'm very organized, to a fault. I tend to be too responsible, which is a blessing and a curse to those around me. One of my many charming qualities. ;P

If you know me well you know that I'm very prepared and often over the top on a lot of things that most people, regardless of age, aren't. This includes, but is not limited to: Life Insurance. Which I've had since I was 17.

It came time to update my policy (which I hadn't done in 6yrs) and it was very out of date--correct home address, and a change in beneficiaries was clearly needed.

Perhaps you had to be there...but it went something like so:**

Over dinner, at a cute (and tiny) little restaurant called Tea and Sympathy. Conversation had consisted of what we're going to do while my cousin Amaya was in New York, and the weather. Then...

ME: "Congratulations, you made it on my life insurance policy."
AMAYA: (choking on her tea, laughing so hard it almost came out of her nose. *2 minutes pass before she regains composure*) "I'm sorry, WHAT?!"
ME: "You made it on my life insurance policy. That's a big deal."
AMAYA: (still laughing) "Am I the executor?"
ME: "No, not yet, but --"

At this moment Amaya had to readjust her leg under the table which just happened to then brush up against mine in a very seductive way.

ME: (shocked, laughing) "HE-LLO!"
AMAYA: (laughing) "How about now?"

Both of us laughing, for about five minutes. Amaya is again choking.

ME: "And I better be on yours if you die from choking on that banana cake!"

It was incredible.

Life Insurance: a sure-fire way to make any conversation entertaining!!! :)

**Thanks to Amaya who posted this blog originally and let me take snippets for my own. MWAH!

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