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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Visiting Teaching on the Fly

I've been slacking on the Visiting Teaching lately (church thing, ask me about it if you don't already know). I've been slacking on a lot of church related things because I just haven't had time. I'd feel bad but, again, I don't have the time!

Tonight I hung out with the amazing Sara Borg (I'm her VT) to grab dinner and catch up. At the end of dinner we were walking home and she mentioned she had just had dinner last night with my VT Companion (Mitzi) so this should count as a "June Visit" eventhough we weren't able to "visit" her together.

Accepting this proposition and, in keeping with text book VT style, I donned my Professional VT-Voice and the following conversation ensued....

ME: So, Sara, is there anything I can do for you?
SARA: (chuckling) No, no I think I'm good!
ME: Ok...well....God loves you....The Church is True....Amen
SARA: (cracking up at this point) I love you!
ME: I love you, too!

Just a little crash course in Visiting Teaching on the Fly! ;P

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