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Saturday, October 18, 2008

FALL: The year's last, loveliest smile

After growing up in a place where the word "Season" is said about as often as "Platypus" I wasn't properly introduced to a true Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter until I moved to the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec when I was 15. Although coming from CA sunshine to Canadian snowfall was a harsh adjustment, the changing seasons with their unique individuality had me at "Jack Frost" and "Leaf Pile".

After what can now be described as the most important 2 yrs of my life, and was then cursed as incarceration, I returned to CA vowing I'd never leave again! (The first time had been very much against my will). Ironically, I lasted about 1 1/2 yrs before itching to get out. I missed the freedom and ease of public transportation, the hum of strangers stomping pavement as their native languages rolled off their tongues, the smells of street fairs, and the exquisite rotation of seasons.

I randomly decided I wanted to live in New York City. I had never been, didn't know a soul out there, and it was the farthest away from all the things I held near and dear to me--my family, my friends, and my then boyfriend. Yet, for whatever reason, I needed to move there. New York was calling my name. Within 6 months I had packed my bags, made a deposit on a room in a neighborhood that sounded decent enough (turned out to be the VERY decent neighborhood of the Upper West Side on 85th/West End) and, on March 9th 2005, I moved to NYC and never looked back.

3 1/2 yrs later and I am still in LOVE with New York. It has everything I could ever want all in one place.

Beach? Coney Island, Long Island, or even Queens.
Snowboarding? Hunter Mountain.
Culture? Walk out the door and keep walking, you'll find it around every corner.
Shows and Chaos? Times Square.
Music and Fashion? East Village/Lower East Side/SoHo
Hiking & Exploring? Upstate NY/Bear Mountain.

And most of all, seasons that change right on schedule allowing me to explore Culture, Snowboarding, Shows, Chaos, Music, Fashion, and Hiking just by living in one central location.

This weekend I was invited to escape the City for a day and enjoy my favorite season of all: Fall. Or rather, Fall turning to Autumn. Jeff, Maya, Andrew, and I went hiking upstate around Bear Mountain and surrounding areas. As we wandered in total awe and wonder, the vibrant colors and fresh air filled our day with amazement and gratitude.
Naturally, we all came back with picture perfect photos to share and you can view the!


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