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Thursday, October 28, 2010

On [Laziness]

I don't feel like blogging, or updating in any way.
Most days that's 'cause I'm busy, or 'cause I'd rather play.

Usually I play a lot, but this week not so much.
Instead I've hidden out in bed, with its comfy, cozy touch.

I slept in every morning; man did it feel good.
Then weather in the 70's; I didn't even need a hood!

This month was the big apartment hunt, and Tom found his very own place!
This weekend we have to move him in; I love, love, love the space!

He's moving into my neighbor-"hood"; no more cabs, buses or walks.
Whenever I want to see him, I only have to walk five blocks!

Back to me and what I'm avoiding: blogging, school and more.
Dr's appointments, play dates, I've been scheduling galore!

Not this week. Not this day. Not one single hour.
I've scheduled absolutely nothing, except cleaning and a shower.

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. That's just how I feel.
Lazy, Lazy, oh-too-lazy, to even blog for real.

1 comment:

Carolyn Quebe said...

Haha, let's swap poems! Very cute, I liked it. Obviously you weren't too lazy to write that...