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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine, Valentine.

I am such a lover of this lovin' holiday.
Second to Halloween, I think it's a tie between Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving.
They both make me feel all warm and tingly.
Sure it's sometimes cheesy and over the top, but it is such a positive and hopeful holiday filled with easy encouragement to let those around you know you love them!
I just don't see anything that's not to love about that.
The best part is, if you have a hard time expressing yourself, there are thousands of cards and chocolates and poems and songs that will do the expressing for you. Score!
All you have to do is lick a little postage, google some E-Cards, or press your finger to a doorbell and run!
Whether you want to shout your love from the highest mountain, anonymously dote on your biggest crush, or tell a family member how much they mean to you while still maintaining your machismo, today is the day you can get away with it!
Let your guard down a little.
Feel free to let that inner mushy-ness just ooze right out.
Today is not about being "single or taken".
Today is not about how grand your gesture is or isn't, or if you're being gestured towards.
Today is about making a gesture.
Take a minute to make sure those near and dear to you know how you feel.
YOU are near and dear to me!
Happy Valentine's Day from my heart to yours.

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