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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Edelweiss Giveaway on Daybook!

Remember how I just posted a wishlist blog about how much I love and want one of the new Edelweiss by Sarah Spring '11 dresses? Well, Daybook is having a giveaway of the Athelia dress!!! Remember this lovely?
Oooohhhh, I want one.
I already have a plan: I would wear it to a brunch date at Sarabeth's and then go row a boat on the lake in Central Park and read for a bit. Doesn't that sound like the perfect spring afternoon for me and Athelia? I think so.
I have about three in twelve hundred chances of winning, but I am keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless and encourage you to enter as well! (If you win, can we share? Please?!)
Good Luck and Happy Weekend!

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